Contacting station

Test station

Temperature Controlled Contact Station (TCS)

The contacting station developed by us is a versatile device / equipment for functional and in-circuit test procedures (FKT, ICT), which is used in electronics manufacturing. 

Our contacting station is used to test electronic circuit boards and assemblies for functionality and quality. It therefore plays a major role in quality assurance. Fault detection is thus possible at an early stage during the manufacturing process.

Test pins or contacts (ICT) are used to check the connections on the printed circuit board. Electrical short circuits and interruptions can thus be localized quickly.

The functional test (FKT) of the contacting station makes it possible to check the actual functionality of the electronic assembly, which is usually done by applying test signals. By evaluating the response of the tested device, functional faults are thus detected.

Overall, an ICT and FKT contacting station is an indispensable tool in electronics manufacturing to ensure that produced electronic products meet high quality and functional standards. These stations help to detect defects at an early stage and ensure product quality.

This adaptation is adapted and projected to the existing production lines in close consultation with our customers.

Target group

Customer base: Manufacturers of semiconductor materials and electronic components such as microprocessors and integrated circuits, as well as mechanical components, require test procedures that simulate the action and behavior of the components under different environmental conditions.

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