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A material handling unit (MHU) is a versatile, flexible pick-and-place system that places test specimens from a tray into the base of an STS tester. Different temperatures can then be induced into the base using a thermostreamer.

Thermostream TSR

Equipment for tempered testing

Manufacturers of semiconductor materials and electronic components such as microprocessors and integrated circuits, as well as mechanical components, require test procedures that simulate the components’ performance and behavior under different environmental conditions.


Tempered contacting station

The temperature-controlled contacting station (TCS) developed by us is a versatile device / equipment for functional and in-circuit test procedures (FKT, ICT), which is used in electronics manufacturing.

Our contacting station is used for testing electronic circuit boards and assemblies for functionality and quality.

Precision heating plate

Thermo Unit (TU)

Our Thermo Unit (TU for short) is a heating plate in an enclosure, which ensures a very uniform temperature distribution.

It is suitable for working temperatures up to 400°C.

Protection & control for electronic systems

Electrical cabinet construction

Careful planning and detailed design are of great importance.

The control cabinet should have the required capacity and flexibility to accommodate all the necessary components. In addition, the layout and wiring should be designed to allow easy installation, maintenance and troubleshooting.

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